Martha Lane Fox founded Antigone in 2007. Antigone works with a small number of charities each year, learning more about the needs of socially excluded people so that we can help promote their successes to ministers and the press. We work in alliance with a number of other funders, organisations and people to make these changes happen and are keen to promote areas of philanthropy and activism that are currently unfashionable and underfunded.

Antigone is closed for any further grant applications for the remainder of 2013.

Storybook Dads Chain-Gang Hike

On the September 28th 2011. A gang of chained up 'convicts' will be hiking 5 miles across the wild and rugged moors ending up at the gates of Dartmoor Prison. The gang will be made up of staff, volunteers, ex-prisoners, ex-military, prison officers and also Storybook Dads wonderful patron Terry Waite.

Storybook Dads helps imprisoned parents to keep in touch with their kids by recording bedtime stories for them. Not only does this bring comfort to the children and help with their literacy skills, but it also helps parents to maintain that vital bond with their families, making them less likely to reoffend upon release. Operating in over 100 UK prisons (including women's prisons where they are called Storybook Mums. Storybook Dads help thousands of prisoners and their kids every year.

"I miss my Dad so much. When I feel lonely I listen to my story CD and hearing his voice makes me feel better." (Lola aged 7)

Over 150,000 children every year suffer the trauma of the imprisonment of a parent. Many of these children feel isolated, ashamed and abandoned, often leading to anti-social behaviour and poor performance at school. There is very little support or help available to them. For many families, Storybook Dads is a lifeline.

"Storybook Dads helped me to re-connect with my kids when all else had failed. Thank you. You cannot possibly know what a difference you've made" (imprisoned mum)

Storybook Dads also trains and employs prisoners as story editors, enabling them to learn computer & literacy skills, gain qualifications and improve their employment and rehabilitation prospects.

Please give generously and help Storybook Dads reach as many children as they can.

Thank you!

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